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By Adam  |  29 Nov 2015 12:00:00

Google Plus (or, correctly, Google +) was Google's attempt at making a social media website. Sadly, it didn't really go all that well. Of course, with Google being such a big business, there are still a lot of people who do use Google +, but it's just that most businesses and people don't use it. When people think social media, they think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else, but very few think of Google +. Having said that, Google + does have its strengths and I'd like to go over them in today's blog post.


Firstly, though I said above that most people don't use it that doesn't mean that they aren't on it. You see, Google + is tied to a person's Google account, and you need a Google account if you want to have Gmail, which is probably the most commonly used form of email. So, really, a lot of people are on Google +, they just probably don't realise it and have almost certainly never used it. This has the potential upside of making customers pleasantly surprised when they click on your page (through your website or a newsletter or something) and find that they can access your Google + account quite easily. Having good social media is good for your SEO... so having a good social media presence on Google + is going to be even better (what with Google being the biggest search engine) so making a few Google + connections might be worthwhile.


The important thing to remember is that social media marketing takes time and you should try to focus your energy on one thing at a time. Starting accounts on three different things and then putting a small amount of effort into growing all three of them will be much harder than making one account and putting all your efforts towards ensuring that it grows steadily. But if you feel like you're at a good place with your other social media outlets and want to take on a new initiative, perhaps it's worth giving Google + a try? Whatever you decide to do, I hope your eCommerce website will continue to grow at a healthy rate!

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