Halloween and eCommerce

By Adam  |  2 Oct 2015 11:00:00

We are now into October! It's the month where we really get into the swing of autumn; the leaves start changing colour and falling from the trees, the clocks go back an hour, things get colder, you'll probably see the first frost and it will soon be Halloween. For a lot of people, Halloween is a day to do something fun, a day to relax with their family and friends and a day to get excited about. Keeping this in mind, with the right approach, you might see a boost in sales in the build up to Halloween.


You might think to yourself "I don't sell monster costumes, I won't see any increase in sales over the Halloween period" but, actually, a very large number of things will see an increase in sales. Not only costumes, but also the materials required to make costumes, spooky decorations and the materials to make them, sweets, cakes, cookery supplies, toys, party supplies, DVDs (especially ones in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres), books and comics (in the same genres) and probably a whole host of other items too. Reflect on your own products; how might they be used for Halloween celebrations? Once you've come up with something, it would be a good time to make some graphics or to have some graphics made.


If you make images of your product in an appropriate 'spooky' style which fits with the Halloween theme, you can then start posting them on social media and drawing attention to the fact that they can be used for Halloween purposes. People might not even have realised how useful your product can be for them until you point it out. It could also be a perfect chance for a blog post on the subject. You could also consider doing a limited time discount on any of these Halloween related items, Halloween having a set date already puts pressure on people to buy things as soon as they can, and you adding an offer will increase that pressure. Hopefully, this blog post has been useful and you will find yourself with an increase in sales and customers throughout the next month. Plus there's also Christmas...


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