How Google Trends Can Be Used for Business

By Adam  |  23 Oct 2015 11:00:00

Google offers a large number of services and you doubtlessly make regular use of at least one of them. Today I'd like to talk a little about Google Trends, which not quite as many people know about. Google Trends allows you to see how often different terms have been searched for via Google search over periods of time. This is all presented in a nice, easy to understand line graph. The information that Google Trends provides is very useful and any business could make good use of it.


Firstly, if you are in the planning stages of a business, you can use Google Trends to help you see what gaps there are in the market. You can write in certain terms and see if people are searching for them, you can then go to Google search yourself and find out what comes up; if no eCommerce websites come up, then that's a clear gap in the market which you could fill! Furthermore, you can use it to see what things are currently popular; if you noticed that a certain search-term is on the upward incline, perhaps that would be a good thing to base your business around; maybe it's due for a boom?


Furthermore, Google Trends can also be quite useful for content marketing; you can find out what searches are being done the most commonly and then make sure you've got posts to come up for all of them. Of course, you need to be sure that these search terms are the kinds of things that your potential customers will be searching for, but it's not too tricky to determine these search terms. You can also use it to roughly determine how effective marketing has been; if you recently carried a big campaign forward, then you could see whether or not it caused more people to search for your business. I'm sure there are many other uses for Google Trends besides the few things I've mentioned and whatever you do, I hope that it will be a useful service to you.

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