How Long is a Blog Post?

By Adam  |  2 Sep 2015 13:00:00

Content marketing is a good way to add an interesting addition to your eCommerce website. Not only does it mean your website will have some nice new features, but as a result of it existing customers will be more likely to keep coming back and people are more likely to find your website for the first time because you will come up under more searches. It's good for SEO and it gives your business a voice, so you should certainly get on with some content marketing. But getting started might seem a bit daunting; how do you write a blog post? Well, the actual subject matter of the post will vary from business to business, but I'd like to give you some rough guidelines about the length.


The ideal length for content, and what I aim for in this RomanCart blog posts, is 300 to 500 words. Why this length? Well, the internet is all about what can be consumed quickly and conveniently. 300 to 500 words are enough for you to be able to say something worthwhile and substantial, but it is also short enough for people to read in a hurry. Of course, I'd certainly not like to tell you that you can never write something which is over 500 words in length: some ideas simply need more than 500 words to explain and if you're reporting on something which actually happened, forcing yourself to stick to less than 500 words might mean you'd have to omit important information! So feel free to go over 500 when necessary because this isn't a ridged rule. However, if you struggle to think of ideas for your content, then a good idea could be to spilt a 1,000 word post (for example) into two 500 word posts, acknowledging one as a continuation of the other.


So I hope that gives you something to aim for in your content marketing! When you use Microsoft Word, it handily tells you how many words are in the piece you've been writing, which helps you to easily see the word length. As content marketing is very useful, it would be a good idea to start a blog on your eCommerce website as soon as possible. I hope that this will prove to be effective and that you'll have lots of fun doing it!

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