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By Adam  |  13 Oct 2015 13:00:00

If you're doing content marketing for your eCommerce website then I assume that you are regularly updating a blog or something like that. The problem is that we all occasionally get a little bit of writers' block and sometimes it will be hard to think of anything to write in your blog. Most businesses will fill their blogs with interesting pieces on things related to their product and news from their industry. But what if there hasn't been very much in the news and you really can't think anything new to say about your product?


Well, in these cases you might like to turn to a content ideas generator for inspiration. In this blog post I'd like to talk to you a little about one in particular; HubSpot's Blog Topic Idea Generator. It's incredibly simple to use and also very useful. On the main page you are given three columns in which to write three different nouns that are related to your business. Once you've come up with those three words, you then click 'Give Me Blog Topics!' and then just like that you'll be given five appropriate blog post titles! Well, I say "appropriate" but occasionally you'll get one or two which won't quite do, but most times I expect that at very least three will be absolutely fine. This is a handy tool and the perfect thing to use if you're ever stumped for ideas when the time comes to update your blog.


Content marketing is a great way to keep existing customers returning to your site, because who wouldn't want to see all the latest posts on your interesting blog? It also helps your SEO because having blog posts covering several different topics will mean that more people are likely to find you through everyday Google searches. So if you aren't doing any content marketing, I suggest that you give it some consideration! If you were worried about not having enough ideas, HubSpot's Blog Topic Idea Generator might be just the safety net you were looking for.

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