Ideal Keyword Densities

By Adam  |  11 Jan 2016 12:00:00

When writing content for your eCommerce website, you want it to be as SEO friendly as possible. Part of that means that you need to get your keyword densities just right. Do you know what is meant by 'keyword density'? If not, allow me to quickly explain: there are certain keywords that you will want to include in any text on your website because those keywords will be things that you are expecting potential customers to search for before they find your website. The number of times that those keywords appear in a piece of text will affect its search engine rankings and the keyword density is the percentage of the text taken up by those keywords.


For engaging or creative pieces of work, the keyword density should be at 1% or lower. 1% is already quite high and if the keywords appear more regularly than that their repetition will begin to grate on the readers, spoiling their enjoyment of the text and leaving a bad impression. For general pieces of text on various parts of the website, aim for 2% to 3% because this is quite a high density and good for rankings; it won't matter too much if you have a high density on random parts of the website, because they aren't specifically designed to be enjoyable reads; you especially don’t need to worry when writing salesy pieces of writing, because people expect repeated words and phrases from text that is trying to sell them something. Plus, as sad as it may sound, there are a lot of pages on websites which simply do not get read, so if something sounds a bit clunky, that won’t matter if only 5% of the people on the page read it. Finally, I'd advise that you never go over 3% for a specific keyword. Google has some very intelligent systems at play when it comes to search engine rankings and it the keyword density is absurdly high, it will assume that you were trying to trick it and therefore deem it as spam, which will lower its search engine ranking.


I hope this has given you a good idea of the keyword densities to aim for on the different pages of your site. You won't need to bother calculating it on every page, because you might deem it inappropriate for some and trying too hard could potentially spoil certain pieces of writing. There are several free to use tools out there which can calculate the keyword density of any page you visit online, which could very well come in handy. However you put your site together, I hope that you will be able to find success with your eCommerce website!

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