Incentivising Sales on Your Website

By Adam  |  12 Nov 2015 12:00:00

If you are a RomanCart-user then there is a good chance that you are also selling on eBay. RomanCart allows users to sell items over their own eCommerce website and over eBay simultaneously. This is quite handy because when somebody wants to buy something from the internet, eBay will be one of the first things that they think of. RomanCart makes it easy to sell over both of these websites at the same time and gives you the power to manage it all from the same place. In today's blog post, I am going to explain how selling on eBay can be used to incentivise sales on your main website.


The problem with eBay is that anybody can use it to sell things, people who have the odd thing they want to get rid of and serious business men and women too. When you're just one of the thousands of virtually anonymous eBay users people are much less likely to remember you and it will be hard for your business to grow and become will known. Having a website is a good way to make yourself look more professional and to encourage people to take you more seriously as a business. If you are selling on eBay too, you should link back to your main website whenever you get the chance to. To get people to buy from your main site, rather than through eBay, you could try listing things on eBay at a raised price and then telling people that they can get things at a lowered price (actually the regular price) if they head over to your website. You might also wish to make certain products exclusive to your main site. This will encourage people to buy directly from you, and if they don't, at very least they bought something from you for a higher price!


When you are an eBay seller, you are at the mercy of eBay's rules and policies. Who knows what they might think up next? It could well be something which will damage your sales. If you have your own website, you're given freedom and if you continue to sell over eBay while running your own website, then you'll be able to enjoy the best perks of both worlds!

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