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By Adam  |  7 Jul 2015 09:00:00

As you'll know, it's always important to keep a steady flow of traffic coming to your website. This is especially true when it's your main source of income! So I'm sure you're always looking for new ways to increase your traffic, but it isn't always going to be easy. There has to be a time when somebody goes from being totally unaware of your business, to being interested and likely to make a purchase. When does this happen? Well, your existing customers might tell their friends about you, and their friends might tell their friends, but sadly you can't expect word of mouth to travel too far. There's also social media marketing, everybody does that! But that's just the problem; it can be hard to get noticed on social media when there are so many people there trying to do the same thing. That's why we are excited to introduce you to a new service called Click Booster! What you need is content marketing and Click Booster provides just that! In this post I'm going to talk about content marketing; what it is, why it's useful and why it would be beneficial for you to sign up for Click Booster.


Firstly, have you heard of content marketing before? It's a rather underutilised form of marketing, so there's a good chance you've not come across it. To do some content marketing is to produce some more content for your website, which isn't necessarily something which you would think of as marketing, but it is something which is going to hook more people into your site. The content your site needs is content about things directly related to your product or service; the kind of things that potential customers would also be searching for. So, if, for example, you sold posters of classic movies, then good content for your site would be reviews of all those movies, so people looking for reviews come across you and your business and will hopefully be persuaded to make a purchase. Think of people finding your website online as being similar to looking for a needle in a haystack and every little bit of content marketing you do will add another needle to that haystack. Before long, there will be lots of needles in the haystack and it won't be too difficult for people to find one!


But the thing is, writing content takes time. You can't just post anything on the internet, because if people come across a post by you which was poorly written and which seems to have had no effort put into it, that's going to give them a negative impression of the business. All content needs to be well written, researched, engaging and edited. When you're focusing on running your business, you won't have time to produce a good supply of high quality content, and this is exactly what Click Booster does for you.


They use a special software which is able to reveal what search terms are bringing people to the sites of rival businesses, and once they’ve been identified, they can make sure that people will find your website with all the same keywords while also providing you with content which is just that little step ahead of everything on the other sites, thus making your website the most attractive search option. On top of that, Click Booster will also do some social media marketing for you, meaning that they'll have you covered on all bases! So it makes sense to sign up and reap the rewards of content marketing right away!

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