Invoice Creation from Hiveage

By Adam  |  4 Apr 2016 12:00:00

When you run an eCommerce business, there's no doubt that you're going to have to create an invoice for somebody at some point. If you're after a simple, easy to use invoicing system then I would like to draw your attention to Hiveage, which is a very good invoice creation system. As you are required by law to have invoices of things you are paid for, it would be a good idea to take a look at Hiveage. Here is a link to their official site.


Hiveage is very user-friendly and, most appealingly, completely free to use. You can create as many invoices as you like and it will save them all for your reference. If something happened and you lost all your files, you could rest easy knowing that your invoices are secure on the Hiveage website. You can save multiple recipients so that you don't have to waste time writing out names over and over. You can also save products and prices, again, to save you the hassle of repeating yourself. Hiveage can also be used to send invoices directly to email addresses, which is an especially handy little feature. Whatever currency you want to use and even if you're including fractions of pennies, Hiveage can help to make your invoice creation a lot easier.


So if you were unsure about what to do with regards to invoice creation, I hope this gives you a good idea of one of the options available to you. Invoices created through Hiveage serve their purpose and look very professional too. If you aren't yet selling online, then this should give you a good idea of something you need to start thinking about before you do so! If that does sound like the position you're in, then use RomanCart to turn your website into an online shop today!

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