Keyword Density

By Adam  |  5 Dec 2015 12:00:00

When you do content marketing for your eCommerce website, you're ultimate goal is going to be to improve your SEO ranking. Each piece of content you write will likely be related to a subject that your potential customers are going to be sharing for and so you need to think "if somebody is interested in my product they'll also be interested in..." and then finish that sentence. The different things that you can finish that sentence with are the different things you should be covering in your content marketing.


You need to incorporate the main search words and phrases into your title and that will increase the chances of your work popping up. When writing the title of your content, you should be sure to keep it short and to include as many search terms as possible; if a title is really long, not all of it will be detected by search engines. But it's not just the title where you need to be conscious of keywords, but throughout the entire piece of content. Search engines will scan through content to see how good a match it is, and the more often that a certain word or phrase is used, the better it will be.


However, you must always be sure to use moderation with your keywords. You might think that you could write a blog post with a very SEO friendly title and then just fill the text with hundreds and hundreds of related and appropriate search terms. This method will not work because for content to be truly effective it needs to be read by your customers; if people go to read a piece of content and find something bad, they will leave right away and this will damage your SEO ranking and remember that people might actually share something amongst their friends if they like it. Also keep in mind that 300 words should be your minimum length for a blog post. So don’t forget that keyword density can be quite important and hopefully your content marketing will be very effective!


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