Maintaining a Professional Image

By Adam  |  29 Jul 2016 12:00:00

Not that professional.

There are a few small things a person can do to help make their business look more professional – they're mostly small things, but a surprisingly large number of people tend to disregard these rules. In today's blog post I would like to take you over these few small things which can help to make you look just a little more professional and give you just a small extra dose of integrity. Here are the main points:

  • A Professional Email Address: When handing out business cards, or putting up adverts in lots of different places, it's surprising how often the email addresses will be Gmail or Outlook accounts. A good business won't be using these open email providers. It's okay if you have to use them, but just don't draw attention to it with things like this.

  • Mobile Phone Numbers: Similar to the email issue above, it's shocking to see the number of people who provide a mobile number as the official way of contacting a business. Generally, it is always best to go for a land line, so use your house number and not your mobile number.

  • Non-Existent Social Media: Every business should be on social media, but not having any social media accounts is better than not having any and then lying that you do. A lot of websites have social media links on them, which actually go nowhere. Presumably they hope that the links will just look professional and nobody will check..

  • Typos: Don't get me wrong, typos can never be wholly avoided. I'm a writer and it'd be rather a case of shooting myself in the foot to universally condemn them because sometimes they just slip through. It's unavoidable. Having said that, there's no excuse for typos on business cards, adverts or website front pages!

I hope that you're already conscious of these things, but if you're not, go ahead and make those changes right away! Hopefully these small things could encourage people to take your eCommerce website more seriously.

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