Make Good Use of Sales

By Adam  |  28 Aug 2015 16:00:00

If you run an eCommerce website, everyone will expect you to offer sales every now and again. It's just a thing that every kind of shop does. But what if you can't afford to do sales? Sure, cheaper prices will look good to potential customers, but you run a business and you can't reasonably offer such low prices! Well, the fact is, that if implemented properly, sales won't lose you any money; in fact they will make you some money.


If you did a sale and offered some of your items at a reduced price and then someone bought one of them and that was all that happened that day, it'd have been a slow day for business and you may have lost money on that sale. If there was only one thing sold, it's possible, if not likely, that the person was just planning on buying it anyway. But you could never know for sure. What you need to do when you have a sale on is to draw as much attention to it as possible via social media marketing and newsletters. Make sure everybody knows about it! Then, maybe on the day of the sale, you make quite a few more sales. You haven't actually lost any money, you've merely made a large number of sales for a smaller profit and, hopefully, though the profit on each sale was a little smaller, you'll still have made more than on a regular day.


Of course, as well as marketing, you also need to be conscious of when you start your sale. If it is in the middle of the morning on Monday, is anyone going to buy from you? No. But if it's in the middle of the evening on a Friday, then there are a lot more people who are likely to be in an eCommerce mood. Time your sales around the days of the week and even special occasions or public holidays; this will all have a big impact on whether or not people are going to make a purchase. Of course, what your product is, will have a big effect on when you should and should not offer sales, so I shall leave you to come to your own conclusions about that. But I hope this blog post was useful and that you will be able to do some good sales on your eCommerce website which will cause customers to make more purchases.

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