Make Your eCommerce Website Unique With Google Fonts

By Adam  |  23 Jul 2015 11:00:00

If you want your eCommerce website to be a success, you're going to want it to stand out. There are a lot of website creation tools out there and anyone can make use of them; you've got to be sure that your own stands clear as a professional business which people can rely on. But how can you be sure of doing this? Well, one important thing to do is to make your website look unique so that it reflects the tone of your business.


One service you could use in order to make your website more original is Google Fonts. You might want to have some text and/or a graphic on your site that doesn't look like it was easily made on Microsoft Word or through your website creation too. This is where Google Fonts comes as you can use it to find a font which is perfect for your business. You're given several options you can use to filter through the text 'Thickness' and 'Width' for example and you can look through hundreds of options until you have found one which suits you. You're also not limited to the regular old Latin characters; you can go for the characters of a variety of other languages too, if you wanted to (and if you know other languages, it could well be a good idea as it would broaden the appeal of your website). Once you've decided on the font that's best for you, then you just need to write in the words that you want to appear on your site. Google Fonts will then give you a code which simply has to be copied into the coding of your website and the text will appear there just as it did on Google Fonts.


So I hope that that has been interesting/useful to you. Looking visually distinct is very important, but if you lack the skills needed to make your site look unique through your own creations, you have to use services look Google Fonts. Thankfully, the service is completely free and it with it you can be sure that you're not using the same old fonts as everybody else!

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