Making a Good Call to Action

By Adam  |  25 Mar 2016 12:00:00

When doing content marketing of any kind, one thing which you should always try to include is a call to action. Including a call to action in any piece of content increases the chances of people engaging with you and the more people who engage with you, the more trusting your business will appear to others and the more sales you stand to make. Sadly, making a call to action can sometimes be tricky.


If you do struggle to think of a call to action for your pieces of content, then here's a rough guide for you. A nice and simple call to action is just to have your readers leave a comment: most blog systems allow comments and it is an easy way to encourage engagement. However, not all blogs have a comment section, and if you're writing one that doesn't, then maybe you'd like to try asking people to follow your social media feeds. It's especially easy to mention your Twitter handle and to encourage tweets. You could also try directly asking people to buy your product. This is often less effective, but you could do it to create a sense of urgency with limited time offers or limited products.


Those are three simple thing to use in content marketing to encourage some form of engagement with your customers. Of course, you don't always need a call to action in your content and perhaps it would be inappropriate for some pieces. Use your own judgement and make your own decisions. Whatever you do, I hope your content marketing will be successful. Sign up to RomanCart and use it to make an excellent eCommerce business which you can market with your excellent content marketing skills.

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