mCommerce Continues to Grow

By Adam  |  29 Aug 2015 12:00:00

The Business 2 Business Community recently shared a very interesting infographic which shows just how much mCommerce has been growing lately. Take a look at it for yourself; you will doubtlessly agree that there are some interesting facts on there. What it also shows is that people need to be aware of the importance of mobile phones and smartphones. Though laptops and home computers are still the largest platforms on which eCommerce transactions take place, you still need to be conscious of the growing mCommerce market.


Some big eCommerce websites are going so far as to become mobile-only (or more specifically, app-only) which is certainly a very interesting development. I don't think any of you need to be thinking of making your eCommerce businesses exclusive to smartphone users, however! The story I linked to was more of a special case where most of its audience was already accessing it via their app, rather than their website. Nonetheless, you do need to be aware of this development. Though some modern phones are able to view websites in much the same way as a home computer would, it is still a good idea to have your website optimised for mobile use. You want your eCommerce website to accommodate as many different people as possible and making sure that you have a website which is optimised mobiles and smartphones is just one of the ways that you can do that.


So keep that in mind as you proceed with your eCommerce website. Not only should you be conscious of mobile phones, but also of any other advancements in the world of technology. There could be a new gadget along at any time which could completely change the way that people use the internet; you could take advantage of that and use it to make even more sales, or you could do nothing and fall behind as technology marches forward.

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