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By Adam  |  27 Nov 2015 12:00:00

When you're running a blog (be it for content marketing or personal reasons) it's a good idea to stick to a regular schedule. Having a work schedule for your blog means that you'll be more motivated to update it and it will also let readers know when they should check back to see more. The problem with sticking to a regular schedule is that you may well come to a point where it's a day to update your blog, but you don't have any ideas about what to write. In these cases, be sure to tread carefully.


If you're low on blog ideas, you might be tempted to post the first thing that comes into your head, but in these cases that would be a bad idea. A low quality blog post will not reflect you or your business well; imagine if that were the first post that people saw? They'd be unimpressed and unlikely to read more posts or investigate you further. Also, what if you went through a period of writer's block? Would you post lots of these low quality pieces of content? What if somebody found out about you during this period and thought you were a low quality business/blogger because of the abundance? The point is that you should never post just for the sake of posting.


If you do ever have a dry spell of ideas though, there are a few possibilities. Firstly, you might wish to consider contacting some people who could write guest posts for you. If you get somebody from another blog to write on your own then they will doubtlessly encourage their usual readers to head over to your blog as well. Furthermore, you could look into content idea generators, which are useful tools that you can find for free on the internet which will help you to find ideas for your content. Whatever you do, I hope you are able to maintain a steady stream of high quality content which will keep new people coming in.

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