Modesty is Not the Best Policy

By Adam  |  12 Aug 2015 11:00:00

A lot of people are very modest. People don't like to brag or draw attention to good things they've done. To do so would be considered arrogant by some. But when you are representing a business things are quite different! Modesty is not the best policy in the world of business and adopting such a stance means that you are likely going to limit the number of people who might be interested in your business.


Imagine you made a large charitable donation. Naturally, you're likely to want to keep that to yourself. Charity is about helping people, not boosting your own ego, right? Well, I wouldn't like to say one way or another. But this is definitely not how you should handle it with a business. If you put aside some of the business’s earnings for a while and save up and make a big charitable donation, be sure to tell everybody about it! Think of it this way: customers will be very keen to hear that their money is contributing towards charitable donations because, likely, they'll agree with the causes behind those charities and so they'll want to fund them by funding you.


Of course, charities are not the only instance of this. Any good deed you do in the name of your business is something everybody should know about. The word 'business' almost has a negative connotation these days, it makes people think of greedy and corrupt organisations and things like this will assure potential customers that you're just a regular person trying to make a living. That's the kind of thing people like and whether it's being environmentally friendly or even just offering extremely generous prices, let people know why your business is so good. These are the reasons people will buy from you. Don’t be modest, be proud of your business.

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