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By Adam  |  26 Oct 2015 12:00:00

So here we are; Monday again! For some people that's absolutely fine; they spring back into their work routine and happily get started on all the week's tasks. But, for other people it's the worst day of the week: the weekend feels like it was too short and they're unhappy that they've got five days to wait until they can dedicate so much time to leisure again. If you're the second of those two types of people, then this blog post is for you! I'm hoping I'll be able to help you get the Monday motivation you need!


Firstly, consider that you've felt this way many times before. It's never that bad is it? It's always the weekend again before you know it! Having the whole week standing before you might seem daunting initially, but if you think about it, it is just five days of work; that's nothing! Plus, of course, we're very close to the end of October now. Do I need to remind you that Christmas isn't all that far away? Doubtlessly you'll have even more time to relax then, while you sit back in an armchair near the warm crackling fire, patting your stomach (full of Christmas dinner) and enjoying a nice, warm mince pie while sipping at some Irish cream. Of course, you may be reading this in May and not be thinking of Christmas at all: in this case think about your summer holiday or whatever else your next big leisure activity will be.


If you want some more practical advice, you should consider the way that you structure your week. Doubtlessly there'll be some bigger, more strenuous tasks which need to be done and there'll be some smaller, easier tasks as well. Why not plan each week out so that all of the easiest work is done on a Monday while the bigger tasks are saved for the middle or the end of the week, when you'll be fully into the swing of working hard. This could actually prove to help make you much more efficient with your work. While not directly linked to your work schedule, you might like to try arranging some kind of social event for each Monday and the excitement for that will carry you through the first day of the work week. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, I hope that you'll have a good Monday.

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