Mother's Day Deals

By Adam  |  26 Feb 2016 12:00:00

Mother's Day is now getting very close indeed. What will your business be doing to acknowledge it? This year, Mother's Day will fall on Sunday the 6th of March, so that's just a little over a week away. While it's certainly not anything like Christmas day in terms of sales spikes, Mother's Day is still a good thing to do a lot of marketing for. If you did lots of Mother's Day promotions in the week before, this could hopefully encourage people to buy from you for their Mother's Day needs.


But what if you're selling products which wouldn't be appropriate Mother's Day gifts? Well, what you need to remember is that mothers aren't just things that like chocolates and bunches of flowers, they're people who could have any kind of interest. If you sell antique war rifle replicas, maybe there's a group of mothers out there who'd really love something like that. Of course, on the other hand, if you do have some more traditional Mother's Day gifts, that's great! They'll most certainly do well. Any products which you think would make good Mother's Day gifts could be offered at a lower price for a Mother's Day sale which will then encourage people to buy them. You could also dedicate a newsletter to Mother's Day purchases and push forward with a strong social media campaign (maybe boost a few posts.)


So just remember that all of the little special days like Mother's Day are opportunities for you to make more sales. Any item could be bought as a gift for any occasion because everybody has different tastes. Drawing attention to the fact that your products would make good gifts, and even offering limited time reductions, is a great way to increase your sales. Whatever you do on Mother's Day (and the other special days of the year), I hope that you'll enjoy a nice boom in sales.

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