Muting Tweets

By Adam  |  23 Sep 2015 13:00:00

In social media marketing, Twitter is a really great way to reach new people. You can interact with others, share your work, follow hashtags, share others' work. It's a great way to be social while also getting your business name out there. Ideally, your main Twitter feed will be a good place for you to go to find lots of new tweets which will be relevant to you. However, when trying to build up your own followers you may find yourself following lots of other people, meaning that they will be in your newsfeed, even if they are not necessarily people who you are hugely keen to see the tweets of.


So what can you do? It's in rather poor taste to unfollow somebody once you have got them to follow you in return and if they found out about it it would likely sour them to your business. But there is a solution to this problem! When you are on somebody's Twitter page you will see a small cog symbol next to their name; clicking on this cog will give you a list of options, one of which is 'mute' and if you click that then you won't have to see their tweets anymore! It's a great way to follow people without actually following anybody, as underhanded as that may sound!


So keep that in mind as you proceed with your social media marketing. Perhaps this piece of information will make you less afraid to follow others (which will encourage them to follow you) and therefore make your social media marketing more effective, which might then help to drive sales. Social media marketing can be a great way to boost your business, and if you're not really doing anything with it, you should start to do so as soon as possible!

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