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By Adam  |  11 Aug 2015 12:00:00

One of the most effective (and not to mention free) methods of reaching new people on the internet is by doing social media networking over Twitter. But this method won't just help you to reach 'new people' who might not have any interest whatsoever in your business or your product; it will help you to reach actual potential customers and really stands to bring you an increase in sales! If you're not familiar with the concept of social media networking, then read on for an introduction.


I'm going to talk about using Twitter for social media networking but it, of course, is not the only outlet on which to do this. Twitter is just the service which is most commonly (and most easily) used for social media networking and while you might try to do it on, say, Facebook it will be a lot trickier due to the way it was designed. By all means try and make use of the methods I mention in this post on other websites, but keep in mind that it might not be so simple.


So when you're on Twitter, you should be adding hashtags to every tweet that you write. If you sell top hats, you might write a tweet that went along the lines of "Keep us in mind for your next formal event! #hats #TopHats #formal #fashion #headwear" and then when anybody searches on Twitter for any of those things you've just added hashtags for, they'll find you! You can also do the reverse of this and use the hashtags to find potential customers: clicking on one of these hashtags will lead you to a feed of all the recent tweets related to it; so if you saw someone tweet "I sure wish I had a #TopHat for my upcoming formal event" then you would know to interact with them and let them know about your services! Of course, nothing as simple as that is likely to happen, but it is a great way to politely engage with the content of your prospects and to retweet some of their tweets. It's best to not be too sales-y when you do this, just be nice to them and in return they will feel that they can trust you and that will encourage sales more than any "you might like to buy from us" tweets would. If you are nice to people, people will be nice to you.


So keep that in mind and, if you've got the time, get started on your social media networking! All going well, you'll be enjoy an increase in traffic and sales in no time.

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