Offering Bundles

By Adam  |  10 Aug 2015 12:00:00

When somebody chooses to buy something from an eCommerce website they are making the decision to do an online order instead of going to a physical shop. As purchases in shops are still the overwhelming majority, you have to be thankful when this happens and ask yourself "why?" and the answer will always be convenience. It's so much easier to buy something with a few clicks than it is to head all the way down to the shop. So make sure you do every can to streamline the experience on your website as much as possible.


One good feature that you can implement (through certain RomanCart packages) is the ability to offer bundles on your website. Bundles are a great way to save your customers time (therefore making them happy and more likely to return) and also of encouraging them to buy more than one thing. If there are two items which are always bought together, why not offer them in a bundle. It will give the customers a good deal and it will save them time. They'll go for it and they'll be pleased that you provided such a helpful service and they'll probably tell their friends about you! Also, you could try offering two items which aren't always bought together, but often are. If you offer them at a reduced price you might lose a bit of money on each individual sale of that bundle, but you'll see an increase in sales and therefore still make more money!


ECommerce websites are the ideal platforms on which to offer bundles. In a physical shop, a bundle might be advertised but then it might be difficult for the customer to find all of the items included in a bundle, causing them frustration. With an eCommerce website, you can make the items just a click away from each other. You can also provide up to date information about whether your products are in stock or not, meaning that, unlike a shop, they won't get their hopes up for a bundle only to find that one or more of the items are not in stock.


So do think about offering bundles on your eCommerce website (or upgrading to a RomanCart package that offers bundles) because it stands to be just one more reason that people will come to your website rather than a shop on the high-street.

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