Optimise Your eCommerce Website for Mobile Phones

By Adam  |  31 Jul 2015 11:00:00

As smartphones become more and more prevalent, so too does internet browsing through them rather than through a computer or laptop. All smartphones have access to the internet and some can connect from virtually anywhere and so it is becoming increasingly common for people to use eCommerce websites with their mobiles. In fact, some businesses are offering eCommerce apps and selling directly through apps without even having a website!


Thankfully, I don't think we are quite at the age where apps have replaced websites, so you don't need to be thinking about converting any time soon! But what you do need to ensure is that your website is optimised for mobile phone use. Most website creation tools have an easy to use mode where you can see how things would appear on a mobile and you can edit them accordingly; use this to make sure your cleverly designed website appears just as cleverly designed on a phone screen! This will usually be a simple case of moving some things around, making some things a bit smaller and just a few other minor things which will make your eCommerce website look better on a mobile phone.


Phones are convenient, and convenience is the key to a good customer experience; so if you make sure that your website is phone friendly you are likely increasing your range of potential customers. There must be quite a few people now who never use laptops or PCs and get all of their internet access through their smartphone! You want to be sure that they, too, are able to use your eCommerce website.


So keep this in mind and take steps towards making your eCommerce website 100% mobile phone accessible! Never forget that the customer's experience should come first and so making this change will improve that experience for a good number of people which, in turn, will hopefully drive sales! 

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