By Adam  |  18 Apr 2016 12:00:00

For content marketing to be at its most effective, one thing which you should really be doing is outreach. For those who don't know what is meant by "outreach" allow me to explain:  when I say "outreach" I refer to the process of contacting other websites and asking them if you can have some of your content posted on their site. In today's blog post I would like to explain how best to do that. It's always a good idea to write pieces of content for websites other than your own. Having lots of content on your own site is very important too, don't get me wrong, but writing for other sites is very useful to.


One of the main things to remember is that any content you have posted on other sites should probably contain a link back to your website, so obviously it's going to beneficial to you; don't try to present it as an act of selflessness! However, you also need to make it quite clear that this is going to be good for them too. Good content is good content and so it will be good for them if it’s posted on their site. They can then use that over social media to draw in traffic indefinitely and it will help to boost their own SEO. You mustn’t focus on that though: talk about why your content is good and why people will like it. Be very polite too, and be sure that you read other pieces of their content so you can make reference to that when explaining why your own would go well on their site.


So I hope that gives you a good idea of something you can do to strengthen your content marketing strategy. The more sites which link back to your own, the more highly your eCommerce website will rank on various internet searches. Of course, even if the website agrees but won't allow a link to be included, at very least that will give you a bit of help with brand awareness. However you decide to market your eCommerce website, I hope that it will prove to be very effective!

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