Posting on Forums for Self Promotion

By Adam  |  6 Jun 2016 12:00:00

Forums actually provide an excellent place for lots of business owners to promote themselves, but this is also a technique which you'll have to be quite careful with. If you sign up to a forum, make a thread and say "Hey, I've got a business and it's great and you should all buy from me" then that thread will just get instantly deleted and you're account will probably be flagged and they may even block your IP address so that you can never join again. But there is a right way of doing this...

If you want to use a forum to promote your eCommerce website, then you really need to work hard to make lots of worthwhile posts and make yourself a real part of the community. If you're selling organic home grown foods, then you might like to sign up to a farmer's forum. On this forum you can engage with others, share ideas and have lots of mutually beneficial interactions - all that time you can keep a link to your site in your profile description (maybe even in your post signature) and anyone who has grown to respect you through your posts can take a look for themselves if they want. Eventually, it would not be a problem if you created a thread to talk about your business (and it could potentially be a thread for everybody to share their businesses) and this could prove to be quite a good way to get new visitors to you site: especially if the thread started to rank!

So if you were looking for new ways to reach new customers, I hope that you'll try and give forum posting a try! You basically want to get yourself out there in as many places as possible and forums are perfect places to go if you want to join a community and meet new people. However you decide to promote your eCommerce website, I hope that you'll be able to draw in a lot of traffic and make a lot of sales.

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