Provide Even Better Customer Service With Zopim

By Adam  |  18 Jul 2015 12:00:00

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business. If a customer isn't certain that you'll support them through every step of their dealings with you, then there's a good chance they won't even buy your product. It's not just making sure they have an easy way to get in touch should they encounter a problem, either; if your website design isn't very user-friendly, customers might well just give up and leave your site, never to return.


This is why Zopim may prove to be a very useful addition to your eCommerce website. If you're not familiar with Zopim, it is a business which provides a very useful customer support service. Zopim will give your website a live chat box (which will always be on screen) and all the software you need to maintain this addition. This is great because, not only will it always provide an instant reminder that you are ready to lend your customers a hand, but it will also allow you to enhance and improve the designs of your website. If you regularly get customers telling you that they can't figure out how to do a certain thing on your website, that tells you that you need to make some changes to that thing and make it more accessible. Knowing how customers interact with your website is very useful information.


Zopim comes in various packages so that you can go for whatever best fits your own business. You can set it up for there to be one live chat operator or you can set it up to be several; if you've got the funds you could even keep this live chat running around the clock! It also lets you know what pages customers are looking at and whether or not they have the live chat box open; this will help you to prepare for whatever troubles they may have, so that you can help them as efficiently as possible.


So, if you are thinking of improving your customer support, or even just hoping to enhance your eCommerce website in some way, then maybe you should implement Zopim! You should always be trying to improve your business and something like this could help to drive sales when more people go through with their purchases thanks to the reassurance that a chat box provides.

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