Respecting Customer Privacy

By Adam  |  1 Aug 2015 13:00:00

In the modern world of the internet, almost everything a person does is monitored. Google is now linked to an account and so it knows your email address. Google monitors every search you make on their search engines and so knows what you are interested in. Google controls most advertisements and so indirectly has a sway over what you buy. Google owns a big number of the services on the internet, so they know everything you do. Facebook is recording you a large amount of the time. Even Amazon seems to be checking up on you on social media. The internet is not a private place anymore.


This is where you, as the founder of an independent eCommerce website, stand to gain! You don't have the resources to be spying on people and, even if you did, you'd likely think twice before doing something so morally ambiguous. Many people do not like the fact that all of these big businesses have access to so much data on them and so you should really capitalise on being an honest small time business that does not pry into your customer's internet habits. So try to take as small amount of information from them as possible and they will likely appreciate it.


So bear this in mind with your own website. Be careful with what you say and do and make sure that it is clear that you are not a part of this huge interconnected web of internet businesses. Of course, feel free to use Google for advertising, and other small things, but leave it at that. Customers will respect the fact that you are respecting their freedom of privacy, and the better they feel about a business the more likely they are to use its services! So take pride in your independence; it might just pay off.

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