RomanCart Vs. ShopWired

By Adam  |  16 Sep 2016 12:00:00

More like ShopLiar *cough* Sorry. What?

You may have recently seen that ShopWired have written a little comparison entitled “ShopWired Vs. Romancart” with the ultimate goal, of course, being to present them in a more positive light than us. But the problem is, that that post is riddled with inaccuracies. So for today's blog post I wanted to write a rebuttal to that.

  • The first point they make is that we are not UK-based. First of all, we are, and second of all, that doesn't really matter either way.

  • The second point is that you can't get your site live instantly with us; this is another untruth.

  • The third point is that we supposedly don't offer any support and help... Which would certainly come as a shock to those who handle our 24/7 support!

  • Their fourth point is that we don't offer free hosting – this one is actually partially true. We don't offer free hosting with RomanCart, as this is something to be used on an existing site, but with our other service, Sellr, hosting is covered for free.

  • Fifth, the criticise us for needing to download and install software. This is just something we offer to make things easier to manage. We're not sure how this is a negative thing.

  • Sixth, they criticise us for a lack of free templates. Another trip over to Sellr will set that straight.

  • Seventh, the grossly over estimate the price which we charge for bespoke design. Subscribing to Sellr Business can get you a custom design for £499.99.

  • Their eighth and final point is to do with backups; Sellr sites will be automatically backed up and as RomanCart is used on other sites, of course this is something that will be done externally.

It's quite clear that their blog post was written by somebody who did not fully appreciate (or understand) what RomanCart is and if they're happy to put out such poorly researched content, it doesn't set a good precedent for whatever else they may have to offer! For a much more accurate post comparing our services against those of ShopWired, check out this blog post!

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