Sell to Your Customers Over Twitter

By Adam  |  30 Jul 2015 15:00:00

I recently wrote a blog post on how you can sell items directly over Facebook using RomanCart and now I would like to tell you something similar about Twitter. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you the power to sell things directly over Twitter, but we do offer something which could be almost as convenient to customers: the ability to share 'add to basket' links, which certainly do stand to increase sales.


Imagine you've got a fresh batch of your product in. It looks gorgeous. So you decide to take some photos of your product and post them up on Twitter so that all of your followers can see; existing customers who have been waiting for that for a while will spot the pictures and click your 'add to basket' link instantly (and be pretty pleased that it was so easy!). Perhaps because they'll be so overwhelmed with feelings of positivity, they'll also retweet your tweet to their followers; there's a good chance that those followers will be into the same things as them, so they'd likely be broadcasting it to a large number of potential customers! Plus, if your searching through the hashtags of things related to your business, you're likely to find a lot of potential customers there too; if you interact with them and their tweets, they're likely to take a look at your own Twitter feed and seeing pictures of your attractive product, along with the simple 'add to basket' link will be very tempting.


So keep in mind that, while you cannot sell things directly on Twitter, we still give you a very useful resource to aid your Twitter marketing! So if you're not on Twitter yet, why not start your campaign right now! I am sure that if you stick to it you'll find that it is a very useful marketing tool.

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