Sharing GIFs

By Adam  |  12 Dec 2015 12:00:00

Very recently, Facebook has gained the ability to properly display animated GIFs in its newsfeeds. Twitter has had the ability to properly display animated GIFs for quite a while. For those who don't know, animated GIFs are essentially very short, silent videos which loop over and over again. Most commonly people take scenes from movies or television and then add subtitles on and turn them into GIFs. People love GIFs and they are shared around quite frequently; sometimes they're made to evoke happiness, sometimes they're made to evoke sadness, either way, they are very popular across social media.


Because of the popularity of GIFs and the fact that most social media outlets now accommodate them, they could be a very useful thing to include in your social media marketing strategy. If you were to share a funny GIF (like a baby driving a lorry, or something) then people will laugh at it and share it on. This is the kind of thing which is easy to enjoy and has a kind of universal appeal and while an animated GIF may not be an obvious piece of marketing for you, your business's name will appear every time it is shared on and this will help with brand awareness. Of course, you could add your own captions or whatever to GIFs and make them more obvious pieces of advertisement. There are lots of approaches.


So I hope that gives you another idea of what can be done to market your business over social media. Not everything you do on social media needs to be something like "Look at this great product for only X cost" because sometimes a more subtle approach can work just as well. Whatever you're doing to market your business over social media, I hope that it is going well and that you are making lots of sales.

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