Shopify's Sello

By Adam  |  13 Nov 2015 12:00:00

People in the world of eCommerce have been quite excited recently because Shopify have launched a new app called Sello. Part of the reason that this has gotten so much attention is because Shopify is Shopify and a huge business like them will always get lots of media coverage when they do something new. What a lot of people seem to be especially excited about is the fact that Sello gives people the power to sell things directly over social media. Does that sound familiar to you? Well, it should, because RomanCart has long provided that very same ability.


With RomanCart, are able to sell directly over your business's Facebook page. What's good about this is that if, for example, you got a nice supply of new products in stock then you might take some good photographs of them and post them on Facebook to let people know. If you were unable to sell over Facebook, your customers would then just think "Oh, that's nice, I'll head over and buy it later" and then maybe they’d forget and never buy it; if they could buy directly over Facebook maybe they’d do so straight away and that would be that. It just makes it faster and easier for customers to make sales, which is very handy. Plus, we give you a special link which you can share on Twitter to allow customers to add a product to your basket. So on Twitter you could share an image of the products you’re selling and simply give them a link to start the transaction process. Using the right hashtags, you might be able to use this to reach completely new people while doing this.


So, I hope that puts into perspective how underwhelming Sello really is. Perhaps a lot of people are simply unaware of the superb services that RomanCart provides. So if you're not making use of social media marketing to promote your eCommerce website, then start doing so now! It's a great way to reach new people and stay in touch with your existing customers while giving them many opportunities to buy from you. 

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