Skoov: eCommerce Search Engine

By Adam  |  9 Nov 2015 14:00:00

SEO is something which all online business owners grapple with. Social media and content marketing are two good ways to help make your site as SEO friendly as possible and they're two methods which lots of people are making use of. The truth is that when people talk about search engine optimisation, they're really talking about optimising their site for Google searches, as the alternatives are used so rarely in comparison. But there's one search engine which eCommerce business owners might like to keep their eyes on: Skoov.


Skoov is a search engine which is quite different to all of the others because it's a slightly more focused service. Skoov has been designed so that people can use it specifically to search for products available to buy online. It's a handy service because if somebody was looking for a slightly more obscure product then they might spend ages looking for it on different sites and Skoov does that job for them. Other search engines don't really have a unique edge over Google, but Skoov offers a unique service which could really help to improve the eCommerce experience for a lot of people.


Skoov is still a new and growing service, but it’s something which owners of small businesses might like to keep an eye on. At the moment, Skoov only searches through a limited number of eCommerce sites, but as it begins to grow you can certainly expect its capacity to be increased. Perhaps one day it will encompass all eCommerce websites or maybe one day businesses will have to put themselves forward to be included. You never know just what might be the next big thing on the internet, so upcoming businesses like Skoov are certainly worth keeping an eye on. Then, when Skoov is a thing that everybody uses in 2025, you can say that it’s something you’ve known about for years, cementing you as an expert in your field.


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