Social Media Marketing for New Businesses

By Adam  |  14 Oct 2015 11:00:00

The one thing that all new businesses need to be doing is finding customers and making new connections. There are several ways that you can take steps to achieve this, but what I want to recommend in this blog post is social media marketing. Social media is used by virtually all businesses these days and is becoming an increasingly useful marketing tool. This is something that, for new businesses especially, will prove to be very useful.


Before I go on, I need to tell you something important: someone who follows you on social media will not always become a customer. Sometimes people just follow you because they like your content, other times they just follow you because they're the kind of person who just follows a lot of random people. Does that mean that trying to get as many followers as possible is a wasted endeavour? No it does not, and I'll tell you why it's still very useful: say you built up one hundred followers online; none of them seem to buy from you. This is still good because now an extra one hundred people have heard of your business; these people might one day want to buy from you and these people might know friends who would be interested in you and so might recommend you for their sake. Furthermore, any of those people might share your own content amongst their own followers (assuming it has a broad enough appeal) and that will therefore make even more people familiar with your work. Plus, or course, if somebody who was planning on buying from you saw that you had a solid social media presence and lots of followers, they would be more likely to make a purchase as this would reassure them that you are trustworthy.


So I hope that shows you just how useful social media marketing/networking can be. Find the social media feeds of your competitors and look through their followers; these are the people who might be interested in you. It will help with brand awareness, make you look good and help to push your sales. So if you've got a fresh eCommerce business, get started with social media marketing right away!

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