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By Adam  |  15 Aug 2015 12:00:00

When running any kind of business on the internet, one thing that you absolutely need to do is social media marketing. If you are not active on social media it will make people think that you are not aware of its importance or, indeed, that you are not really very computer-savvy and therefore may not be running a reliable internet service! So get on social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever else, and try and draw people in.


One particular social media marketing technique that I'd like to go over in this blog post is sweepstakes. For those who are not familiar with the concept, sweepstakes are when you have a contest which literally anybody can enter for free and then one person will be chosen at random as the winner. Usually the prize is something which is worth quite a bit of money. So what you could do is write a tweet that goes something like this "Let us know what you're up to this summer and we'll send one of you free gift! #sweepstakes" and then lots of people will reply, meaning that all of the people on their friends lists are likely to see it too. Plus, then you've got all the people who will mention it to their friends because they want them to be in with a chance of winning too. Also, even people who hear about it after the sweepstakes are over may well decide to follow you on social media just so they can be sure not to miss it next time. Even if next time never comes.


You might lose out a bit by offering something for free, but think of that as the price you are paying to get more customers and, when put like that, it's definitely worth it, isn't it? As that stands to increase your sales, it really won't be a loss at all. So if you've not done so before, why not try doing some social media sweepstakes? It may be well worth your time!

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