Socially Responsible Business

By Adam  |  19 Nov 2015 12:00:00

Businesses kind of have a bad name; whether or not they deserve that reputation is for you to decide, but you can't deny that people generally look at businesses as money hungry and amoral. But despite this generalisation, there are some businesses out there which are very socially responsible and are actively doing good in the world. If you have any cause which you're keen for your business to get behind, you could try hard to focus on that to give your customers another reason to buy from you.


You see, as a lot of people do hold onto this notion that most businesses are bad, making it clear that you are using your business to do good will give you a nice unique selling point. If, for example, you made regular contributions to a certain charity with the profits of your business, you should make sure this fact is clearly broadcast on your website. When somebody buys something, they want to be sure that they are getting their money's worth; knowing that some of the money they spend on a product may well be going towards a charity they like will make people feel good about themselves and make them believe that they are doing good.


So if there is a cause that you feel especially passionate about, why not get behind it with your business? Your customers will like it, and reward you with more purchases, the charities will be pleased with you and may well help with some marketing and on top of all that you'll get the warm feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing your business is at least partially altruistic. If you do do something like this, I hope you'll be able to raise a lot of money for your cause of choice, while also earning enough to provide you with a sufficient income!

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