The Right Environment For Work

By Adam  |  16 Aug 2015 12:00:00

Do you ever sit down to get to work on your eCommerce website, but even though you know what needs to be done and you're keen to do it, you just can't. For some reason, your motivation is lacking. You open everything up; you maybe make the tiniest amount of progress, but ultimately achieve nothing. If that's a problem you've been having, then perhaps I can offer you some advice with this blog post.


An important thing to consider is what exactly is causing you to be distracted; are you going on social media too much? Is the television on in the same room? Are other people in the room talking to you or each other? Are you sitting at the sofa and feeling sleepy? If so, it sounds like most of your problems could be fixed by setting up a nice work environment for yourself. All you really need is a desk and somewhere quite to work. Turn off your smartphone and ask family/friends/roommates not to distract you while you work on your business (I'm sure they'll understand) and just get to work in that nice, quiet working environment.


Equally, however, if you're already trying to work like that but not having much success, why not try to work casually in a more relaxed environment? Everybody is different. For some people, working in a very professional environment will put a lot of pressure on them and make it harder to develop their business, for others it will be exactly what pushes them to work hard. The point is that there are no specific rules on what makes a good work environment and you have to find out what suits you. Once you've found that out, hopefully you'll then be able to get down to work on improving and enhancing your eCommerce website to make it truly reach its full potential.

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