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By Adam  |  1 Oct 2015 11:00:00

You may have seen in the news lately, that Twitter are making a big push for people to be able to do eCommerce through their service. This is hardly surprising when you consider that Facebook has recently done pretty much the exact same thing and this is basically just a case of Twitter trying to catch up with their competitor. Nonetheless, this is an interesting piece of news as it provides yet another way for people to make purchases online and also because Twitter is great for reaching new people, so this may well push sales for a lot of businesses.


But while this is an exciting new development, did you know that RomanCart essentially already gives you this power? It's true! You can get special hyperlinks which can be tweeted and which take anyone who clicks them directly to the basket. Therefore, if you had a nice picture of your products, you could then tweet it along with one of those hyperlinks and people will pretty much have the ability to order it right there, just by clicking a link. This is especially useful, because Twitter is very good at helping you to find new prospects; by looking through the followers of your biggest competitors and looking at hashtags related to your product, you stand to find an extremely large number of potential customers and once you have made them aware of your business, they will have an easy way to buy from you.


So, if you're not on Twitter yet, I hope you will soon get started on it as it is a vital part of any social media marketing plan and social media marketing is a great way to boost sales and make your business look good. It will keep you in touch with existing customers, while also giving you a way to reach new ones and to respond to any and all customer queries. I hope that this blog post has been both useful and interesting and that you will continue to find success with your eCommerce website.

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