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By Adam  |  23 Mar 2016 12:00:00

Picture this; RomanCart has added eCommerce functionality to your beautiful website. It is just how you pictured it. Online sales are good, fantastic even, but you wouldn’t mind a few more customers. After all the products you are selling are pretty darn awesome and you have been saving up to buy that new car. 'How can I convert more visitors into customers though?', did I hear you ask? Well, wonderful WordPress plugins like OptinMonster could be the answer.


Over the years it may seem like pop ups have gained a bad reputation. However, if they are carefully used, then pop ups can be used as a great tool to gain subscribers and advertise special offers. Advertising an offer or creating an email list could be the turning point when it comes to getting customers to return time after time. Therefore, don’t dismiss the idea of using pop ups, because if you do them right, then they are really handy.


The OptinMonster plugin for WordPress is a great way to create flawless pop ups. OptinMonster allows you to create custom pop ups using special templates. All the templates available have been designed and tested to ensure maximum efficiency. You could advertise mail listing information, therefore getting a newsletter or even more offers straight into people’s mail boxes. You could even display money off codes and vouchers or use it as a way to link to other products which your customer may like, meaning you could turn a one item sale into a basket full. OptinMonster means that you can also time your pop ups and control how often they appear. You don’t want a pop up every few seconds because that would be annoying, but a pop up with information for a mail listing just as your customer is about to leave could prove very helpful.


So why not give pop ups a go? They could help convert many of your visitors into customers and really help boost sales on your eCommerce website.

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