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By Adam  |  4 Dec 2015 12:00:00

Social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing are all very effective ways to get your business known... But the fact is that with Google being such a huge and powerful corporation, their own advertising services often prove to be the most effective. For those who don't know, Google AdWords is the service that Google offers to do advertising for businesses. Whenever you browse around the internet, you'll see little adverts to the sides or at the bottom of pages you visit; these adverts were put there by Google AdWords and have been determined as the things which are most likely to appeal to you. The adverts are posted on websites that have allowed them and they (and Google) get a payment for each and every click.


What you need to do, when using Google AdWords, is write out a simple advert and then decide which keywords are most relevant to your business. Do you have any kind of search engine monitoring software? Which keywords are people using to find you? What terms would you like to become useful for finding you? If you don't have any search engine monitoring software, then you can just use the handy free tool that Google AdWords provides you with. However, while Google AdWords do give a handy tool for free, the advertising service in general is quite expensive. You will have to pay every single time somebody clicks on your adverts, and how many hundreds of times do you think that will be done mistakenly?


I don't want to say that Google AdWords is wholly good of wholly bad; it's right and useful for some people and wrong and useless for others. You need to know that it is very expensive and if you don't have the money to spend on it for an extended period of time, it might well just prove to be a money hole. Whatever you decide to do to market your business, I hope it will be successful and I hope that your eCommerce website will continue to thrive!

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