Using Popular Culture in Marketing

By Adam  |  15 Apr 2016 12:00:00

When creating content for your eCommerce website and for your social media feeds, it can be hard to determine what your customers would like to see from you. You want your posts to have as broad an appeal as possible, because the more people like something the more likely they are to share it. With this in mind, have you ever considered using popular culture in your marketing?

Pop culture, by it's very definition, is popular and so pieces of content which relate to it are going to have quite a broad appeal. If you have a look across the internet, you'll find that some businesses will make a lot of social media posts about big events on television. These sorts of posts don't always have a direct connection to their products and aren't as likely to directly drive sales, but they are more likely to be shared and therefore increase your brand awareness, which is always useful. This is a fine line to tread though, because if it's not really related to your business, then people may look down on it as a poor attempt to be “trendy” and therefore be much less likely to share your stuff.

So, ultimately, whether you want to do this or not is down to you. What is your business's focus? If you sold televisions, for example, then then it would be fair enough to talk about TV shows. If you sold sports supplies, it would make sense to write about big televised sporting events. If you sold dance supplies, you could write about televised dance contests. There are lots of possibilities and you just have to be sure that what you're doing is appropriate and will appeal to your consumer-base. However you decide to market yourself, I hope you'll be able to boost sales!

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