Using Snapchat for Social Media Marketing

By Adam  |  19 Aug 2016 12:00:00

The classic Snapchat ghost.

The internet is an ever-evolving world and if you are trying to market yourself online, you always need to keep up with what is current and trending. There's always going to be new trends, new technologies and new websites coming up and if you don't keep up with them, you'll miss out on reaching lots of potential customers. Sure Facebook and Twitter are both great avenues on which to market yourself, but new things, like Snapchat, are also growing in value and should definitely be considered.


Snapchat is a social media network which is only available through smartphones and what makes it different from other social media networks is that it is exclusively image based - not only that, but these images can be created with a limited life span. When sending these images to your customers, you might like to try using a limited time promotional code - the fact that the images soon disappear will make people quite excited and create a sense of urgency that is more likely to push them towards making a purchase, which is less likely to happen on other social media sites. Also, the fact that pictures shared on Snapchat don't last forever means that you can potentially share less professional looking images with some level of comedic value, which people might enjoy. It's an environment in which images that would look sloppy on other platforms would be appropriate.


You always need to take the time to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of eCommerce and internet marketing and Snapchat is one of them. I hope that this gives you a good idea of what you can do to market your eCommerce business over Snapchat. But if you don't yet have an eCommerce website, then use RomanCart – it can turn any website into an eCommerce site!

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