Ways to Backup Your Files

By Adam  |  8 Apr 2016 12:00:00

A shockingly large number of people aren't really that careful with their computer files. If you were out and about with your laptop in a bag and that bag fell in a river, how badly would you be set back? For sure, the cost of replacing a laptop is always going to be frustrating, but would there be any irreversible damage? If so, it sounds like you aren't backing up your files safely enough! In today's blog post I would like to go over some of the best ways to backup your files.


The Cloud
There are a variety of services (like Dropbox and Google Drive) which you can use to backup your files at any time without really having to do anything! With Dropbox you'll have an especially dedicated folder on your computer and which will automatically backup any files so that you can access them anywhere that you log in to Dropbox. Google Drive allows you to save and work on documents directly on the cloud.


A Backup Laptop
If you've got a backup laptop, even if it's not that amazing, you can just switch to it should anything happen to the main laptop. This could be just the thing to use during any transitionary periods between the breaking of one laptop and the purchase of another. If you back up the files to it regularly enough, this could help you to avoid any huge trouble whenever you need to switch laptops.


External Hard Drive 
Another thing you might like to do is buy yourself an external hard drive. If you just back this up on a regular basis (at very least, once or twice a month) then you'll be able to just bring all of the files back over once you have your new laptop,


So hopefully at least one of these things will be a suitable backup method for you. It's always important to keep your vital files safe, even if it's just by using a memory stick, but the more comprehensive backup methods are obviously more effective. For owners of eCommerce websites especially, backing up is vital because losing certain files could get you into trouble when it comes to taxes! So keep everything safe and I hope your eCommerce website will be successful.

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