What is fCommerce?

By Adam  |  15 Sep 2015 15:00:00

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called "What is mCommerce?" and, as I am sure you can guess I then provided an explanation of the concept of mCommerce. However, another new and emerging thing in the world of eCommerce is fCommerce. What is fCommerce? Well, read on to find out! You may be surprised to find that, thanks to RomanCart, you may well have been quite ahead of the game on this one. 


It's rather silly, but fCommerce is actually just a term that people use to refer to eCommerce transactions done over Facebook. There really is nothing else to it. You see, Facebook have realised how many people are using their services as very valuable marketing tools and so are now offering people the ability to pay to sell things over Facebook. As many people might come to a well-run Facebook page as might come to your main website, this stands to be quite useful. Whether you've got an exciting new sale on or new product in, offering items for sale over Facebook might prove to boost sales for a lot of businesses. What do you think of this new innovation?


Well, you shouldn't be that impressed because RomanCart has actually provided the ability to sell things over Facebook for some time. Yes, you might have a real head start on your hands here! If you're using Facebook well and using social media buttons and newsletters in order to draw your customer's attention to it, then when you've got all of your existing customers on your business's Facebook page, you can advertise sales and exciting items, which they can then buy right away! So I hope this has been a useful introduction to the concept of fCommerce (if you can really class it as a unique concept) and that you will continue to find success with your eCommerce website.

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