What is mCommerce?

By Adam  |  14 Sep 2015 13:00:00

If you're reading this blog, use RomanCart or even if you are just familiar with RomanCart, then I expect you are probably familiar with the term 'eCommerce'. If not, I shall break it down very simply: eCommerce is electronic commerce or, electronic commercial activity and therefore just any time when you're spending money over the internet. But while that may seem all well and good, you might have also seen things online referring to mCommerce and wonder what exactly that might be. If that sounds like you, then read on! I'm going to use this blog post as a brief introduction to mCommerce.


So, basically, it's not too much of a complex subject and I am sure some of you may even have guessed what it is. Look at eCommerce, that's electronic commerce, and mCommerce is very similar, but stands for mobile commerce. So, really, when somebody makes reference to mCommerce they are actually making reference to eCommerce which is done over a mobile phone. Mobile phones, and especially smartphones, are becoming more and more popular and virtually everybody has one. For some people, smartphones are the main way that they access the internet and therefore eCommerce for them will be done entirely over mobiles. That's why you need to be completely sure that your website is optimised for phone access. If your website is hard to use on a mobile, you might risk cutting off a large number of your potential customers.


So that's just something to keep in mind as your business continues to grow and prosper. Smartphones are incredibly popular and you might find that you attract more sales if you do more to accommodate them. These days, some eCommerce businesses are even branching out and using apps! We wish you all the best and continued success with your eCommerce business.

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