What's Cyber Monday?

By Adam  |  11 Sep 2015 13:00:00

The other day I wrote a blog post explaining what Black Friday was and when it happens. If you don't have time to go back and read it, then I shall briefly summarise it now: it's the Friday after Thanksgiving when businesses offer a huge range of large sales. But after that day comes Cyber Monday. So what's Cyber Monday? Well, Cyber Monday is kind of like the eCommerce version of Black Friday. Sure, many eCommerce websites take part in Black Friday too, but Cyber Monday is eCommerce only.


There are certain strengths that Cyber Monday has over Black Friday which make good reasons that it might be worth taking part in. People love Black Friday, but it's also the kind of thing that might slip somebody's mind. They'll be kicking themselves when they sign into social media before bed on the day and see posts about the great bargains other people got in Black Friday sales. But then, they'll see a post from your business "Miss out on Black Friday? Don't worry! It's only a couple of days until Cyber Monday." Since they already missed out on the chance for great discounts once, they're not going to risk doing so again. 


What's also worth considering is that many big businesses take part in Black Friday, but that people who live in very rural areas may not have any easy way to access any of the big shops simply due to their location. Cyber Monday, however, will easily encompass anybody who has access to the internet. So it's certainly going to be useful to you to have your business take part in Cyber Monday. With it being so close to Christmas, and it being a very limited time period for a promotion, it certainly stands to increase sales! You might not make as much money on each sale, but you'll make more sales over all and will therefore still make a profit. So I hope that Cyber Monday will be good for your eCommerce business and that you will find success in all your endeavours.

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