Why We're Called RomanCart

By Adam  |  18 Aug 2015 15:00:00

I know these blog posts usually cover things like marketing advice and ideas for how to enhance your business, but today I'm going to talk about something which is slightly different. RomanCart is a service which can be used to turn any website into an eCommerce website. It is compatible with popular websites like WordPress and can even be used to sell things directly over business pages on Facebook. It's exactly the kind of thing you might like to use if you already had an internet presence and wanted to use it to make some money, or, equally if you wanted to make an eCommerce website for the first time. So why is it called RomanCart? Cart, sure, like a shopping cart, but Roman? The Romans did not have eCommerce websites.


Well, as it's a question that comes up occasionally, here is the answer: we're called RomanCart because we're based in the heart popular English city Bath and Bath just so happens to have been a city which was originally built by the Romans. Really, it's just a thematic naming and there are a lot of businesses around here which have 'Roman' in their name. It's something people do around here. But it seems appropriate; Bath is a beautiful city and we like to reflect something of it in the name of the business! We just thought we'd use a blog post to explain that, since it's something that gets asked from time to time.


So now you know how we got our name! We're based in Bath and so, if you also live in Bath and you want to start up your own eCommerce website, why not make use of RomanCart so that you can start selling online? You'll have that warm satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a local business, as well as that even warmer feeling of making money from your own business idea! So if you've got the time, and have wanted to start an eCommerce business, why not sign up to RomanCart right away?

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