Writing a Blog on Your eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  9 Jul 2015 08:00:00

If you've got your eCommerce website up and running, one thing you always want to be doing is thinking of ways to enhance it. How can you make things better for the customers? How can you attract new customers? Well, something that will achieve both of these goals is setting up a blog! 


A blog will make your existing customers happy because it will give them another reason to keep returning to your site.  If they visit just to make a purchase they might never come back; if they visit to make a purchase and find lots of interesting blog posts, they're likely to check back in future to see if there are any more blog posts. A blog is also a good way to broadcast changes to your business (and things like that) and it's always a good idea to make that kind information available in as many forms as possible. You could use a blog to report on news in your industry and doing that would establish you as an authority in your customers' minds, which would be good for old and new customers alike.


Speaking of new customers, having a blog will help attract more people to your website. If you're writing a lot of content, including things like industry news and posts about subjects which will be of interest to people who would also like your product or service, then when people are searching for those things which they already have an interest in, they might just come across your website, which will hopefully interest them too! The more content you have on your blog, the more people will come to it. Furthermore, having a blog helps to assure newcomers that your website is trustworthy and not a scam; a website which was thrown together in order to con people out of money isn't likely to have a dedicated blog on it.


So hopefully that has persuaded you of the importance of keeping a blog on your website! Updating it regularly initially may seem like a difficult task, but once you're into the swing of things you'll find that the ideas for blog posts come naturally. So, if you have the time, this is something you should try to get going, and if you don't, there's always Click Booster...


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